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Quism is an intuitive and easy to use software product for the service desk and application management. It is in use by small and large organizations for the internal servicedesk and customer support departments, commercial service providers and for mobile service applications. Quism offers a standard and scalable solution tunable to your specific situation.


You can use Quism to support all your business processes for service management, application management and customer support;

Starting at the customer calls to your servicedesk, Quism has modules supporting phone, internet, e-mail and mobile app call registration;

Support staff and specialists can subsequently handle, escalate and resolve the service request as incidents, problems or changes within the agreed customer service levels. You can use the corresponding Quism modules for incident, configuration, problem, change, release and service level management.

  Service management model

Service management model





Quism uses a modular software architecture based on standard software, Quism modules and concurrent users. You can compose your own service management solution which you can later easily expand in line with you growing business needs:


For supporting service and application management you can use the modules Incident, Configuration, Problem, Change, Release, Inspection, Servicedesk, Service level;

The supplemental modules: Customer portal, E-mail processing, CI-Inventory, Mobile App;

Standard modules: Organization, Person, Security, Settings, Reporting, Expert, Help, Administration;

Specialized modules: Ordering, Costs and Invoicing, Reservation, Contact management, Import/Export;

You choose your required number of concurrent logged in users. Customers using the Quism portal are unlimited and require no concurrent login licence;

You can use Quism as a cloud or web service or install it on your own ICT infrastructure. It runs completely from within a webbrowser and supports the standard Microsoft Windows Server web architecture based on the Microsoft IIS, SQL server, Secured SSL concepts, or the Oracle database products. It requires no additional plugins or middleware like Java or JRE;

Quism offers a complete integration with other products; it has modules for Microsoft ADS, SCCM, Exchange, Webservices, IIS, SQL Server, Oracle, Import/Export tools and interfaces to your other business applications.




You can deploy Quism on all you customer support, service and development departments. At a small scale, for commercial support, or as a shared service center. Quism is used for:


The ICT servicedesk, for customer or end user support enabling optimal and effective use of your computing and network resources and software applications;

Application release management, managing and implementing change requests and application defects fixes in the release of new versions of applications and products;

Facility management, supporting the efficient use and deployment of all your business facilities;

Technical maintenance, for operational management of technical installations and periodic maintenance planning and repair activities;

The customer contact center, for the efficient registration and timely handling of all customer contacts.


Quism supports the helpdesk staff, engineers, specialists, developers, consultants, supervisors and end users in the effective use of your business resources, products and services. It offers a complete front and backoffice integration of all service, development and project activities. It supports the proces models and best pracices for service, application and project management for example based on ISO 20000, 9000, ITIL, PRINCE2, BISL and ASL.


Quism modular product structure supports various organization models and work practices:


For the internal service departments supporting the users in your organization using the ICT infrastructure and business applications. The service department can register and handle the service, information and change requests, requisitions, deliveries and reservations from your users according to the agreed service levels and your business procedures;

For commercial services and projects supporting your customers, service cost management and relationship management in line with your service contracts and within project budgets;

For service deparments with a shared front office for customer contacts by phone, e-mail, customer web portal supporting company wide backoffice departments for ICT, Application and Facility management, Financial and HR services;

For specialized development departments and teams, supporting the operational use and managing the development and release of new versions of applications and product.



service management (OSM)


Quism is designed for outsourced service management (OSM) applications and mobile and remote workplace support by shared service centers.


The product model offers support for the close coorporation of both internal and outsourced service teams to work according to agreed service levels and responsibilities. Quism keeps a clear track of all support activities, escalation, notification and delegation.


The OSM model is based on a specific authorization structure supported by logging, auditing and communication functions, notifying important events and status changes, customizable forms and dashboards. This allows both customer and service teams to clearly view the progress and overall service and quality status.

  OSM model

OSM model


The Quism OSM model supports all outsource best practices and organization models. Quism is in use for various ICT OSM applications supporting worldwide global ICT infrasturtures both in large and small scaled teams using various organization models.





Quism is used by customers in all market segments: Healthcare, Education, Government, Industry, Telecom, Retail, Real estate, Logistics, Finance and ICT.


For the management of a few up to hundred thousands workplaces, users or customers and supporting ICT, Facility, PO, Development, Technical and Commercial departments and organizations.




UISM is QPIT's flexible implementation program of Universal Integrated Service Management based on Quism. Our UISM approach is implemented in Quism and offers our vision from more than 10 years of ISM expertise in the UISM program.


This program offers a quick implementation, training and knowledge transfer of best practices for support, projects and development supporting the ISO 20000, ITIL, PRINCE2, ASM, BISL standards and best practices.

  Quism login screen

Quism login screen

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