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Quism App


The Quism App is available in the Apple iTunes App Store. With this app you can use your Quism service desk account and your mobile device to login directly into your QPIT service desk environment. You can also request a Guest account from the QPIT servicedesk and use the demo and test environment.


The Quism App is connected remotely to the (QPIT) Quism server by your mobile phone data network or WIFI connection. This way the Quism App always offers you up to date service information, wherever you are. You can also receive notifications about specific service events. Also you can use your phone or tablet to update directly the service management information in the Quism database or add more incident information.


You can review your incidents, create new Quism incidents and receive notifications about new activities by the service engineers.


Login with you servicedesk account or request an new login account from the QPIT servicedesk . The servicedesk can also offer you additional information or support on the installation and use of the Quism App.


Quick reference guide




This is a quick guide for the Quism App. Soon you can download a comprehensive version of the Quism App manual. The Quism App runs on both the iPhone, iPod and iPad IOS devices on IOS version 5 or higher.




After downloading and installing the Quism App on your iPhone or iPad, the Quism App icon becomes available on the screen. You can start the App by tapping on the icon.

  Quism App icoon

Quism App icoon




After starup, the Quism App login screen is shown. Next you can login, after which the Quism App shows the App menu. With the Change button in the upper righthand corner of the screen you can change your login settings. It is possible to configure multiple Quism environments and to select a default Quism environment.

  Login screen

Login screen




The Quism App menu offers the same options and standard settings as available and configured in your standard Quism for the PC.


You can create a new incident, open, review or update an existing incident or use the Selection option to search for an existing incident with your personal selections as defined on the standard Quism Selection tab.


At the bottom of the App screen a menu bar is available with additional options. The menu bar offers you the possibility to look at your service management messages and notifications or change your settings.


Please contact the QPIT servicedesk for more information and support on the Quism App.

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