Quism servicedesk




For all your questions, requests, remarks, technical support and new Quism releases you can use the Quism servicedesk of QPIT BV. Our services are part of your Quism support contract. You can contact our Quism servicedesk by e-mail. the internet, App or phone.


We will be happy to assist you in all areas of the Quism configuration, integration, implementation and use. Our service and support team is standby or you can make use of our consultants, technical specialists or business partners.




We will release several times per year new Quism versions with additional functions. The actual Quism version and the newly released functions are documentated in the release notes on the Quism web portal You can request an upgrade to the latest Quism version at the Quism servicedesk. All Quism upgrades are free for our customers with a Quism support contract.




You can send us an e-mail, please click on service request record you information and press send.


If you e-mail adress is already registered you will receive an reply with the registration number of your request and our servicedesk is notified. You can reply if you want to add information.


Web portal


If you have received a support account, you can login and register the incident yourself, please klick the following link




You receive a confirmation and registration number, our servicedesk is notified and you can follow the progress on the Open incident screen. Also you can add information or change the incident status yourself.


You can request a personal support account by e-mail or by phone.




You can contact our servicedesk by phone between 9:00 and 17:00 hours CET on week days.


Please dial +31 10 243 9373


Our servicedesk team will gladly help you.

Schiekade 830
Postbus 299
3000 AG   Rotterdam THE NETHERLANDS
Phone: +31 10 243 9373
Email: quism@qpit.nl or use the info form
Website: https://servicedesk.quism.eu